Get Out By Friday

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SARAJEVO, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA: Ethnic cleansing is taking a new form in the Balkans as the stream of Serbs leaving Sarajevo threatened today to become a torrent. Bosnian Serb authorities are violating the spirit of the Dayton peace accords, advising and in some cases coercing the city's 50,000 ethnic Serbs to leave Sarajevo before the Croat-Muslim federation takes over the administration of the Vogosca district of Sarajevo on Friday. Heavy snow is still hampering the efforts of the city's Serbs to leave, but a steady flow of vehicles is leaving the city, and many families are packing their possessions. Some moderate Sarejevan Serb leaders who tried to persuade their followers to remain have been threatened for "not toeing the line," says Alexander Ivanko, a spokesman for the unarmed supervisory police force which monitors the Muslim-Croat constabulary, soon to be regulating the city. "If the Bosnian Serb leaders can enforce this self declared apartheid everywhere, peace may not come to Bosnia," says Time's Mark Thompson "However, Bosnian Serbs in the Sarajevo suburbs may feel they have more to lose than the Serb population in toto, so there may be more compliance in Sarajevo."