New Ebola Outbreak Reported

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MAYIBOUT, GABON: The Ebola virus, cause of the world's deadliest known disease, has killed 13 and infected as many as 14 others in a remote villiage in Gabon. The villagers of Mayibout caught the deadly disease after eating meat from a dead chimpanzee found in the jungle. The World Health Organization has a team investigating the area, and the Gabonian goverment is trying to educate the population about the disease. Their efforts may be in vain, however. The Ebola virus has no cure, and painfully kills 80 to 90 percent of its victims, causing massive bleeding, liquifying their internal tissues. Ebola is only spread by transfer of blood and bodily fluids, which works in tandem with the virus' exceptionally high fatality rate to keep the disease from killing far more efficiently. "The outbreak itself is not extremely unusual," says Time's Andrea Dorfman. "No one knows how animals become infected, and this outbreak may enable researchers to get an inkling of where the virus resides in the wild, which is an important step towards finding a vaccine."