GOP Restrained On Death of Soldier

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: The death of Sgt. Donald Dugan in Bosnia on Saturday, the first American casualty in Operation Joint Endeavor, brought quick condemnations of the U.S. mission from some conservative Republicans, but failed to produce the "outrage" predicted by Rep. Gerald Solomon, chairman of the House Rules Committee. While Senator Phil Gramm, a presidential hopeful, vowed to bring the American troops home in his first act as President, Republican leaders Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole both declined to revisit the question of American presence in Bosnia. "We can't cut and run when the first tragic thing happens," said Dole, campaigning in Iowa. The initial reports of Dugan's death said that the 38-year-old veteran died as a result of a land mine explosion in northern Bosnia. But NATO officials later confirmed that Dugan was killed when he picked up unexploded ammuntion. He is the ninth allied soldier killed in the peacekeeping operation since it began in December.