Live! It's The O.J. Story

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LOS ANGELES: With rumors flying over what he said last week during depositions in his civil trial, O.J. Simpson phoned CNN Monday to give his side of the story. In a surprise hourlong call-in to CNN's "Burden of Proof" show, Simpson denied he abused his ex-wife Nicole and suggested that police planted evidence against him. It was the most extensive public interview Simpson has granted since he was acquitted. He had previously given one other long interview, to Black Entertainment Television, but refused then to discuss the facts of the case. Simpson told a panel of lawyers on the CNN program that his ex-wife made up stories of domestic abuse to get out of their prenuptial agreement. He said he actually only injured her one time, during the famous 1989 fight that resulted in Nicole's 911 call to police, which prosecutors replayed during the criminal trial. By turns calm and combative, Simpson firmly maintained his innocence: "I did not commit these crimes," he said. "And it took all of my life savings, virtually, to prove that, and it shouldn't be that way." In an effort to recoup some of those savings, Simpson then repeatedly gave the 800 number to purchase his $29.95 video about the case.