Iran's Arsenal Grows

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: A senior Navy commander revealed that Iran tested a new low-flying missile in the Persian Gulf on January 6. At a briefing Tuesday, Vice Admiral Scott Redd said that the testing of the Chinese-made C-802 missile adds a "new threat dimension" to Iran's military capability. Defense correspondent Mark Thompson reports: "The Pentagon is not alarmed, but they are taking this seriously. Iran, much more than Iraq, is considered the major long-term threat to the region's security. Iran has long had land-based missiles. But this one is sea-based, which means it can be put on a boat and moved around. This complicates the planning of a military operation. This missile test must be put in the proper perspective, however. Although this development is serious, it is doubtful Iran is preparing for any kind of confrontation. They know very well that the U.S. can marshal the public support to stop any threat to the oil supply that passes through the Gulf."