Eight Killed in South African Shooting Spree

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JOHANNESBURG: There are still no suspects, and no explanation, for an armed attack on a line of hundreds of people waiting for jobs outside a die-casting factory in Alberton, South Africa, a suburb of Johannesburg. Eight people were killed and 23 wounded in the pre-dawn incident, reports TIME's Peter Hawthorne. The shooting began after a group of men cut to the front of the line. When people protested, said Police Commissioner George Fivaz, "seven men then drew firearms and started shooting." Says Hawthorne: "It's not a racial incident, since both the perpetrators and the victims are black. But it also doesn't appear to be part of a political or a factional dispute." Hawthorne says that the level of random violence in South Africa has grown. "There has been a lot of gangsterism, a mafia-type violence, especially in the crowded black areas," he reports. "For instance, there are rival groups vying for taxi business in various black townships and it is not uncommon to see people open fire on crowds waiting for taxis."