Or Did He?

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WASHINGTON: Depending on which poll you read, Steve Forbes has either taken the lead or fallen further behind Bob Dole in the New Hampshire primary race. A survey of 543 Republicans and independents (who can vote in New Hampshire's primary) by Washington's Pew research center has Forbes for the first time out front, with 29 percent of the vote, compared to 24 percent for Dole. But don't go popping corks at Forbes campaign headquarters just yet, says chief political correspondent Michael Kramer. "It's a flawed poll. Almost half of those polled were independents, who probably won't vote in the primary anyway." Independent turnout in primary elections is usually no more than 15 to 20 percent. A second poll of 455 likely Republican primary voters by the New Hampshire-based American Research Group showed Forbes support declining since a poll taken last week. Dole in this survey now leads Forbes, 33 percent to 16 percent.