"Clinging To The Policies Of The Past"

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While Clinton focused on the common ground, Bob Dole stressed the differences. Giving the official GOP response to the President's speech, Dole said that while the President spoke of change, "his deeds are a contradiction. The President claims to embrace the future while clinging to the policies of the past." Dole said the President is the chief obstacle to a balanced budget, and out of step with the public on welfare, education, Medicare and taxes. "For three years this administration has valued dependence on government over self-reliance. Federal power over community, federal planning over individual enterprise. It has tried to place government experts in charge of our economy and our health and our lives." The Republican solution? "We must rein in our runaway government, return power to the people, reduce the tax burden. Put parents back in charge of our schools. Untie the hands of our police. Restore justice to our courts and put our faith once again in the basic goodness, wisdom and self-reliance of our people."