Whitewater: Who Handled the Documents?

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Independent Whitewater Investigator Kenneth Starr will dust newly-discovered Rose law firm documents for finger prints, in an attempt to see just who had handled the long-lost records of Hillary Clinton's billing. In an interview on CBS, Hillary Clinton brushed off suggestions that either she or President Clinton had anything to do with moving the documents to a room in the family quarters adjacent to her office. TIME's James Carney reports: "There is a growing skepticism at the suggestion these documents were missing for one and a half years and just innocently turned up. Even some of the president's own staffers wonder whether someone was deliberately hiding these records." The President has said no one thought to sort through the room's contents "until some of the people who were typing Hillary's book started working there in the fall." As pressure mounted both on the White House and the Senate Whitewater Committee for Mrs. Clinton to testify, a new CBS poll indicates 63 percent of those surveyed think she should. Twenty-eight percent say that's unnecessary.