Hey, Who's Been Sleeping in Our Bed?

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Are the sheets in the Lincoln Bedroom completely threadbare by now? You might think so — according to the White House, more than 400 guests have slept in the famed chamber (as well as various other guest rooms at the presidential residence and Camp David) since July 1999. This delicious bit of Clinton-baiting fodder, released two weeks after the New York Times requested the list, could be problematic for the administration on one front in particular: Quite a number of the guests are generous contributors to Al Gore's and Hillary Clinton's campaign coffers. In a headache-inducing development for Mrs. Clinton, a few of her most beneficent donors occupy conspicuous spots on the list.

It's unclear whether this awe-inspiring guest book is typical for modern administrations, or if the Clintons have led an especially, ahem, sociable life.

If we're talking about social calls, the First Couple has racked up an impressive list of friends: Top donors and Lincoln Bedroom visitors include Hollywood heavyweight Steven Spielberg, SlimFast foods magnate S. Daniel Abraham and Rockland County Democratic chair Paul Adler, who, according to the New York Times, gave early and often to Mrs. Clinton's Senate campaign.

It's not the idea of the Clintons inviting friends to stay with them that makes many people so nervous. Everyone understands that even the most public people need to have private social lives. What's potentially cringe-worthy is the image of the "people's house" being used as a bargaining tool for political gain. Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart denies any quid pro quo between the White House and the Democratic donors (but hey, he does want to keep his job for a few more weeks). Perhaps emboldened by his looming retirement, Lockhart thumbed his nose at his inquisitors, informing the press in no uncertain terms that his boss would continue to invite friends and associates to stay during the waning days of his term. That's fine, Joe. Just remember: The GOP has got all this on the radar now, and they're not likely to let it go.