I Can Name That Tune in One Note

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Who hasn't had the experience of driving along, turning up some great new song playing on the radio and then screaming at the deejay when he doesn't tell you who it was? Thanks to a new gadget from Sony, you may never experience that type of road rage again. The eMarker is a stylin' little unit small enough to fit on your keychain. It weighs only about three ounces, but it can help you become a music aficionado a virtual fount of music knowledge. I'm not kidding.

All you have to do is push the eMarker whenever you hear a mystery song that you like on the radio. The eMarker records the time and date. When you get back to your desktop computer, just plug the device into the USB port in the back of any PC and it'll automatically pull up your personal web page on the eMarker site.