Samsung Releases First Laser Printer Under $200

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I hate my printer. I bought a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 670C a year or so ago because it was cheap and I've regretted it ever since. Just the way it insists on spitting out one blank piece of paper every time I turn on my computer drives me crazy. I want a new printer, one that doesn't have any weird quirks and prints out nicely. So when I heard I could get a laser printer for $200 I thought, cool.

Samsung's ML-4500 laser printer is a step up from what I've got now. It's a black-and-white printer, as opposed to my color inkjet, but I don't need color. Grayscale printing on my current printer is dreadful, with yellow coming out almost as white, but the ML-4500 renders yellow in a distinct, pleasant tone of gray. Maybe a printer that gave me yellow would be better, but in spite of never using it the color cartridge on my printer dried up after a few months.