Charmed by SonicNet's Free Internet Radio Service

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MTV-affiliated SonicNet Radio has come up with a great trick to get you listening to free music online celebrity DJs. Who wouldn't want to find out about musical influences while surfing free playlists from the likes of k.d. lang and Moby? Of course those stars aren't hanging out at the Sonicnet server farm, but through the magic of the Internet the selections are available around the clock for on-demand listening.

The k.d. lang choices proved to be exceptionally eclectic, ranging from Peggy Lee to Bob Marley to Yoko Ono. It was fun moving around because SonicNet also lets you skip over dud songs. If only that worked for FM radio, too. MTV has even thrown in some of its own cartoon characters as guest DJs my favorite was cynical Daria Morgendorfer, who had the most musicians I'd never heard of. There are also speciality channels with themes like Classic Rock and even "Breakup Songs."