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: The college football season culminates with a plethora of bowl games, including a much-anticipated meeting between the top-ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers and the number two team, the University of Florida Gators. TIME's Steve Wulf weighs in with his prediction: "It will be a great game," Wulf says. "But I am going with Florida. It will come down to coaching, and Florida's Steve Spurrier is simply the best coach in college ball." Northwestern, a perennial loser and gridiron embarassment, has been resurrected and finds itself going to the Rose Bowl (against USC) ranked number three in the nation. "Northwestern is one of the best sports stories of the year," says Wulf. "They have shown that a school can have a winning football team and not sacrifice good academics. And they're comeback from so many dismal seasons has been a lot of fun to watch."