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: Russian President Boris Yeltsin, looking healthy and well-rested, returned to work Friday, his first full day back on the job since his hospitalization last month with heart problems. Yeltsin visited with Muscovites outside the snow-covered grounds of the Kremlin, telling them, "Everything will be fine." The 64-year-old leader also met with cabinet officials and taped a traditional television address to the nation that will be broadcast on New Year's Eve, but he failed to say whether he would run for a second term as president. Elections are scheduled for next June. Yeltsin is closely aligned with Our Home is Russia party, which ran a distant and disappointing third in the Parliamentary elections held December 17. The Communist Party and the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia captured the most seats. The dismal showing for Yeltsin's reform party candidates, in addition to the President's own disappearance from public view, have contributed to a sinking popularity in the polls.