e-Holster Is High Noon for Geeks

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Where do you pack your Palm and mobile phone? For the last week I've been trying the new e-Holster from a company called Personal Electronics Concealment. True to its name, the over-the-shoulder, under-the-arm accessory keeps gadgetry close at hand for a quick draw. I felt a little like I was trying out for the next "Matrix" movie.

The fit of the adjustable straps is comfortable, not like those belt clip cases that dig into your stomach or leg every time you sit down. When worn under a suit jacket, the e-Holster conceals your valuables in two or three Velcro-closure compartments close to your body. The professional version comes in leather ($99.95) and has two pockets that fit a cell phone, a PDA and a bigger pocket for digital cameras, e-books or whatever you want. The neoprene version, on sale for half the price ($41.95), suited me fine. As long as your suit jacket is loose-fitting, the e-Holster isn't that noticeable. I couldn't wear it under my smallish denim jacket because it made me look lumpy, but I think on an average-build guy, it would pretty hard to see unless you knew what you were looking for.