Falling Prices on Last Season's MP3 Portables Are Music to My Wallet

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I'm excited about the new generation of MP3 players, but not because they're better than the old ones. Oh, they're better, there's no doubt about that; new features keep rolling in but that's not news, there are always new features. There's something that excites me more.

Not that I'm dismissing new features. Look at Sensory Science's Rave:MP 2200, its follow-up to the 2100. An FM tuner, a small control unit on the headphones that you can clip to your shirt, the capability to store phone numbers and memos, USB support these are good things, necessary things, things that every MP3 player will soon be expected to have. In fact, Creative Labs 64 MB Nomad II has a pretty similar set of features, but it lists at $329 as opposed to the 2200's list price of $280, and the only reason to buy it over the 2200 is that it's a little prettier.