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Heading into the final weekend of the pro football season, the playoff picture is anything but clear. Four of the twelve spots are still open, and ten teams are competing for them. The lucky eight who have qualified are: Pitssburgh, Green Bay, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia and Detroit in the NFC; and Buffalo and Kansas City in the AFC. The key games are in the AFC, with Seattle (8-7) at Kansas City (11-2), Denver (7-8) at Oakland (8-7), and Miami (8-7) at St. Louis. In the NFC, three teams are in the hunt for the final two spots. Games to watch: Philadelphia (10-5) at Chicago (8-7), Minnesota (8-7) at Cincinnatti (6-9) and San Francisco (11-4) at Atlanta (8-7). Chicago and Minnesota are favored to make the playoffs.