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Steve Forbes' deep pockets are paying off, at least in New Hampshire. A poll conducted for the Boston Herald and WCVB-TV in Boston shows that while frontrunner Bob Dole would get 35 percent of the vote if the primary were held today, Forbes, the multimillionaire publishing magnate, would take second place with 16 percent. Those results show Dole, the Senate Majority Leader, down one point, while Forbes climbed eight points since the last poll in early November. Forbes' extensive television ad campaign is credited with giving him a boost with New Hampshire voters. "The impact of Forbes' television advertisements cannot be overstated," said Kelly Myers, who conducted the poll. "Forbes' television advertising campaign is turning Dole supporters into Forbes supporters." The poll also showed that Texas Sen. Phil Gramm would get 8 percent, former Tennessee Gov. Lamar Alexander and commentator Pat Buchanan with 6 percent, and Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar would get 3 percent. New Hampshire's leadoff primary is February 20.