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The United Nations Security Council, intent on keeping the heat on the Bosnian Serbs, has unanimously passed a resolution demanding "immediate and unrestricted access" to areas where war crimes may have been committed. In other events, the brouhaha between President Clinton and Bob Dole over who, if anyone, should spend Christmas with the U.S. troops in Bosnia continued as Clinton announced Friday that, as much as he wanted to go, he would not. "I would go tomorrow, literally, tomorrow," the President said after emerging from a briefing at the Pentagon. "But I think it's very important that I not do anything which interrupts the deployment." And TIME's Ann Simmons reports that the Army's biggest worry for U.S. soldiers in Bosnia is: land mines. "All soldiers must memorize the mine awareness code: S-I-A-R-M-N: Stop, Identify, Avoid, Report, Mark, Navigate. Basically, the Army doctrine on mine removal is: Do not do it!" For details and more stories, visit TIME World Wide's special page devoted to the U.S. mission in Bosnia with extended daily news, special audio reports from TIME correspondents abroad and other materials.