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Tony Blankley, press secretary to Newt Gingrich, is going to be considerably busier at home now that his wife, Linda Davis, an Army reserve captain, has been called to active duty as part of the Bosnia peacekeeping force. Davis and Blankeley have two small sons, eight-year-old Spencer and six-year-old Trevor. "She's going away for about a year," reports Mark Thompson. "It is not clear yet whether Davis, a military press officer, will be sent to Bosnia. First she will go to Fort Benning, and from there to Germany. This suggests that the military has reached a point that is long overdue. If you're eligible to go, position and privilege are no exceptions." Davis told the Washington Post that she and her family celebrated Christmas early this year, noting that being called up was something like "coping with death, where you go through all the phases: anger, denial, depression and acceptance."