Stream It Again, Sam

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In the days before computers took over my life I spent all my time watching that older technology television. I was particularly fond of movies from the 30s and 40s; Film noir, slapstick comedy, whatever. Even though the American Movie Channel shows a lot of old movies, somehow they never show the ones I want to see, and when they do I miss them because they're on at some weird time. But now I can watch Bob Hope lose the girl to Bing Crosby anytime I want at MovieFliX.

MovieFlix has 1200 movies on their site that you can view through streaming video with the Real Player. They have a little of everything, from short independent films submitted by aspiring filmmakers to some of the greatest movies ever made, with all points in between. You can see classic silent films like "Metropolis" or watch a whole bunch of Three Stooges shorts. You can view campy fair like "Reefer Madness" or you can see a vast number of early films by Alfred Hitchcock. You can watch Fred Astaire dance and Bruce Lee kick. You can see westerns, horror films, Ozzie and Harriet episodes, documentaries. The major problem I had with MovieFlix was deciding what to watch first.