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After nearly a week locked in by fog, Alexandra Stiglmayer reports that the Tuzla airport was busy today with the roar of huge Air Force C-130s landing and taking off. "They began coming in this morning at about eleven," says Stiglmayer, "and were still arriving this evening. More than 20 flights came in today, most of them carrying equipment. The planes landed, soldiers rushed out, unloaded them and, in less than ten minutes, they were off again." Stiglmayer says that two of the flights carried troops from the 325th Infantry who will provide airport security. "One sergeant told me how happy he was to be here," reports Stiglmayer. "`We've been waking up at two and three every morning for the past four days, getting on the plane, flying to Tuzla, circling in the fog, then heading back home,' he said. `It's good to be here.'" For details and an explanation of the major points of the accord, visit TIME World Wide's special page devoted to the U.S. mission in Bosnia with extended daily news, special audio reports from TIME correspondents abroad and other materials.