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The Senate Whitewater committee voted 10-8 along party lines today to bring a measure before the full Senate that, if passed, would force a court battle over access to the disputed notes of former Clinton aide William Kennedy. The Administration offered on Thursday to provide the notes, but attached several conditions that the Republican-led committee rejected as stonewalling. The rhetoric has escalated on both sides as some committee Republicans have repeatedly suggested a Watergate-style coverup, while Democrats say the GOP is pushing a politically motivated effort to discredit the President. The full Senate is scheduled to debate the matter on Wednesday. If the Senate backs the committee's motion, Senate lawyers would file a civil action in court. TIME's J.F.O. McAllister says based on recent court decisions on attorney-client privilege,"that's a battle the Clintons would probably win, though they may lose the public relations fracas. For the Clintons to prevail in court would embarrass D'Amato and the whole Whitewater industry. Meanwhile, however, Clinton looks like a stonewaller, and the drip-drip damage of that image may not be undone by a one-day story about a complex legal victory." McAllister further notes, however, that even if the Senate does win, the document it seeks "could also turn out to be a fizzle anyway. It's happened many times before in Whitewater."