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Leon Jeune, one of the leading candidates in Sunday's presidential election in Haiti, was the target of an assassination attempt early Tuesday when gunmen opened fire on his home. Jeune was at the residence, but was not hit by the gunfire. "It's certainly a troubling sign so close to the election," reports TIME's Tammerlin Drummond. "Jeune is a major candidate in the race. The world press has said that he doesn't have much of a chance, but the Haitian press says that he does. A lot depends on Aristide who, for some reason, hasn't endorsed anyone. There is a lot of confusion about who he supports. [Former Premier Rene] Preval is running on Aristide's Lavalas Platform coalition, but Aristide has placed one of his men in charge of Jeune's campaign. The effect of the assassination attempt on the elections is that it will definitely keep many middle and upper class voters from the polls." The other serious contender among the 14 candidates for the presidency is socialist party leader Victor Benoit.