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Bosnian Serbs have ignored a French-imposed Sunday deadline to release the two French pilots downed over Bosnian Serb territory in August. TIME'S Edward Barnes reports from Pale that Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic may be holding up the release of the pilots "to cut a deal to avoid a war crimes trial. No one thinks he'll pull it off." Barnes also reports that Bosnian Serbs are busy trying to move Serb industry out of the divided Muslim capital, Sarajevo, before ceding control of the city under the Dayton accord. There, about 3,000 Serbs and other residents staged counterprotests Monday against Serb objections to the peace plan, which returns control of the city to Muslims and Croats. Alexandra Stiglmayer reports that Sarajevo's Bosnian Serbs will vote Tuesday in a referendum on the peace accord. "There's no doubt about the outcome," says Stiglmayer. "It will be No." For details, visit TIME World Wide's special page devoted to the U.S. mission in Bosnia with extended daily news, special audio reports from TIME correspondents abroad and other materials.