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TIME World Wide introduces a special page devoted to the U.S. mission with extended daily news, special audio reports from TIME correspondents in Bosnia and other material on the U.S. mission. Today, nearly half the House of Representatives sent a letter to President Clinton on Wednesday opposing the deployment of U.S. troops to Bosnia. In Sarajevo, where Bosnian Serb forces blocked U.N.-escorted convoys and protesters took to the streets, the strain of holding the peace is already showing in the Balkans. "The Bosnian Serbs have lost the peace," says TIME's Marguerite Michaels. "They will yell and they will scream, and then they will move on." In Paris, TIME's Bruce Crumley reports that France has stepped up its threat against the Serb captors of two French pilots shot down over Bosnia in August, hinting strongly that they might hold up the signing of the peace accords scheduled for next Thursday in Paris.