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Chrysler filed suit against Lee Iacocca, claiming that its former chairman helped a failed takeover bid by disgruntled shareholder Kirk Kerkorian. The automaker says Iacocca, who retired in 1992 but stayed on for two more years as a $500,000-a-year consultant, gave confidential corporate information to Kerkorian during the Las Vegas billionaire's push to take over the company last spring. The suit seeks to force Iacocca to repay Chrysler for money and services received since shortly after his retirement, when they say he began meeting with Kerkorian, and cites Iacocca's "exorbitant" $42,000-a-month fee as a consultant to Kerkorian as proof that he gave away company secrets. Iacocca, who brought the company back from near bankruptcy in the early 1980's, was not available for comment on the suit.