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The daughter of Leah Rabin told Israeli television on Monday evening that her mother "has the ingredients to be a leader in her own right," encouraging more speculation about Mrs. Rabin's political future. "When Rabin died," explains TIME's Robert Slater, "all of the warm feelings people had about the prime minister were focused on Leah. She became a Jackie Kennedy kind of figure, exhibiting strength, helping the country get through the crisis and, doing something Jackie Kennedy did not do, speak out over and over again, even during the seven-day mourning period. That's where the feeling began to develop that she might have political ambitions." In an interview with the Jerusalem Post last week, explains Slater, Mrs. Rabin ruled out the possibility of a run for the Knesset or accepting the U.S. ambassorship. "But she seemed not quite as sure about the job of President of the State. That's a ceremonial job and she seemed to be sending out a signal that she could do something like that. It's very unlikely that she will take on any political role, but some people think she may be dropping hints."