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Just after confessed assassin Yigal Amir claimed to have information that would "turn the country upside down, an Israeli military court today issued the first formal indictment in Yitzak Rabin's murder. An army sergeant, Eric Schwartz, was charged with smuggling weapons to Amir and his brother Hagai. Though the indictment said that Schwartz believed the guns were to be used for killing Palestinians, says TIME's Robert Slater, "it does tend to strengthen the position of those who argue that there was some sort of conspiracy." Slater says that the Amir brothers remain the key figures in the case and expects their indictments to be handed down as early as Tuesday. Yigal Amir's courtroom outburst Sunday, and his claim that one of Rabin's bodyguard's had helped him and was subsequently killed by Israeli authorities, are "being treated as rubbish here. The only bodyguard hurt in this incident was the one who fell on Rabin trying to protect him and was shot himself by Amir."