Time to Say "Cheese" with Casio Camera-Watch

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There is something decidedly cool about a digital camera that you wear on your wrist like a watch. Tell anyone about the Casio Wrist Camera Watch and they'll say, "Wow, that's cool." It's something a spy would own, or something tourists would wear in a science fiction movie. You can't know it exists without wanting one.

Buying the wrist camera does not mean throwing away your current digital camera. While you can buy an accessory that lets you to upload your watch pictures to your computer, this will give you tiny, grainy black-and-white images that aren't going to win any photography contests. This watch is just a way to take pictures on your watch that you can look at on your watch. Take pictures of your children and when you meet a stranger say, "Here's Jamie, isn't she cute?" The watch will hold about a 100 images, so if you want to show people, say, 80 pictures of your cat, then you'll love this. And with the ability to beam images to another Casio camera watch you could exchange pictures with friends, in case you are desperate to have snapshots of one another's dogs or mothers.