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Although House Majority Leader Dick Armey has said that getting public support for the Bosnia mission would be "like pulling teeth through the back of your head," opposition within the Beltway may be softening. On Capitol Hill Wednesday, even Strom Thurmond, the Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, hedged his criticism: "I support the North Atlantic alliance and believe that the United States should remain engaged in and show leadership in NATO." Elsewhere, the American Jewish Congress today joined an increasing number of voices supporting the U.S. troop deployment. "It looks increasingly likely that Clinton will get congressional support," says White House correspondent James Carney. "The White House believes that they will certainly get the Senate. Bob Dole's comment that he'd like to support the President is very impressive. It shows he's willing to take the heat from his rivals for the nomination. When you hear that, it's a good sign that he will be on board when the vote comes in." The House, says Carney, "is a different story. That's where the greatest opposition is. But even there, it's not certain that they will won't support the President."