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Jesse Jackson Jr., a son of the Civil Rights activist, was one of five Democrats competing Tuesday for the House seat of Rep. Mel Reynolds, who has been convicted of having sex with an underage campaign worker. The predominantly black district includes Chicago's South Side. "Jackson may be able to pull it off because of the name recognition of his father," says TIME's Julie Grace of the 30-year-old lawyer. "But Jesse, Jr. doesn't have nearly the charisma of his dad. His father will help him, but it's important to note that Jesse, Sr. doesn't have nearly the same influence he once did among blacks in Chicago." Jackson's main challenge is expected to come from Emil Jones, the Illinois State Senate minority leader. Grace says that Jones should be able to get the voters to the polls, but once there "they are just as likely to vote for Jackson. They are an undisciplined bloc." Four Republicans are also campaigning for the seat, although it is assumed it will go to the Democratic nominee. A general election will be held on December 12.