SmartPad Stores Paper Scribbles on a Palm

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The Palm Pilot is a wonderful thing. All my notes, appointments and addresses can be entered into one little gizmo. But here at TIME Digital, where almost everyone has a Palm Pilot, notes are still generally written with pen on paper. Neither the tediously slow method of pecking out letters on the virtual keyboard or the faster but less accurate method of Graffiti entry will do when the information is flooding in. In an attempt to make Palm Pilot note-taking a little easier, Seiko has come up with the SmartPad, a way to get your scribbled notes and diagrams from Pad to Palm.

The moment I saw it I knew that I would never become a SmartPad user. For me one of the best things about the Palm is that I can carry it in my pocket, and at 7 1/2 inches long the SmartPad isn't going to fit into any pocket I own. But if you want to carry your Palm around in a big zippered case then this won't bother you at all.