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Angry at proposed job and benefit cutbacks, millions of French public service workers are staging a one-day strike, paralyzing a country that must face some tough fiscal decisions. Bruce Crumley reports from Paris: "Polls show that about 54 percent of the French basically support the strike. I guess they think that creating absolute havoc is justified. Air, rail, and ground transport have ground to a halt as a result of this strike. Schools, hospitals, post offices, and sanitation are also shut down. Millions of Parisians have had to walk to work. The French are very unrealistic about their social service system. Cutting back on the fat in public sector jobs is the only way to reduce the deficit, which is required under the Maastricht Treaty. The striking workers are trying to spook the government into finding another solution. The problem is there is no other solution. Pride is very much involved. The French are very proud of their public service system. But the government understands that Maastricht requires that the debt be reduced. And there is no other way. These cuts are necessary." There about five million public sector workers in France, about ten percent of the overall population. The last massive strike was held on October 10. Another is planned for next Tuesday.