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The Federal Communications Commission approved the merger of Westinghouse Inc. and CBS, creating the nation's largest broadcaster. "The merger helps CBS because it gives them a large number of new affiliates, which should bolster them as a network" says senior media writer Richard Zoglin. (Westinghouse/CBS owns 16 TV stations reaching 32 percent of the country, and 39 radio stations.) "It doesn't help them in terms of broad-based communications," Zoglin adds, "because Westinghouse, like CBS, doesn't have extensive cable holdings. Westinghouse is a long-established corporation with a reputation for tightfisted management, which could mean some job layoffs or restructuring. But the merger shows a real commitment on Westinghouse's part to network broadcasting. Whether or not it will help CBS in the competition with the other networks, we'll just have to wait and see." The FCC decision was unanimous because the five commissioners were satisfied that Westinghouse would make good on its pledge to broadcast at least three hours of educational programming per week.