Sitegeist: Introducing Governor Schwarzenegger

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Arnie's Win a Sign of U.S. Discontent — The rejection of the status quo which led to the California result has echoes all across the country, writes the BBC's Katty Kay

Why I Voted for SchwarzeneggerSlate's Mickey Kaus defends his choice

Painting the Town GraySalon's recipe for a bad time: Spend your Tuesday night at the official Gray Davis Election Night Victory Party

Schwarzenegger Wooed Outsiders, Insiders AlikeSacramento Bee columnist Daniel Weintraub on how the Arnold terminated Gray Davis

Repairing California Government — Now that the miserable recall experience is over, California can finally get serious about repairing the damaged structure of its government, writes David S. Broder in The Washington Post

Text of Schwarzenegger's Victory Speech — The guy does have experience reading a script

Reconciling the Conflicts in a Movie Star's Image — The New York Times reports on how women viewed the Republican candidate after recent accusations of lewd behavior and sexual harassment

A Few Wrinkles in Shriver's Marriage to NBC News — The New York Times reports that people at NBC News and at other networks questioned whether Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver, should cover political topics