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TIME correspondent Alexandra Niksic reports that there is still no word from Bosnian Serb leaders Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic about the agreement. "That is somewhat worrisome," says Niksic. "There is an obvious mixed reaction in Pale, the city that has become the de-facto capitol of the Bosnian Serb government lead by Karadzic. Officials are not happy with the agreement, but ordinary people are feeling relieved. One woman, the wife of a local leader, told me that she welcomes the agreement because it is a chance for the Bosnian Serbs to have their own country. 'We can live next to our enemies, but not with them,' she said. Even a general in the Bosnian Serb Army was optimistic. He said that 'This is the end of the war. Now we can go back to our plans to build up our country.'"