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"Much will depend on how satisfied the parties are with the details and whether or not they felt pushed into this," reports TIME's James Graff. Under the terms of the peace, Bosnia will remain a single state divided into two parts, a Serb republic and a Muslim-Croat federation. The Bosnian state encompassing these two parts will have a central government, a presidency and a parliament. The government will be elected by voters throughout the bifurcated state, under international election supervision. No indicted war criminals may hold office. The city of Sarajevo, the besieged Bosnian capitol that became a symbol of the horror and courage, remains unified under Bosnian control. Refugees will return home. The potentially traumatic process of repatriating those refugees was not clearly spelled out this morning, though President Clinton did say that an independent commission will monitor the human rights of all Bosnians, and that an internationally trained civilian police force will protect them.