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With all of England but the royal family tuned in, Princess Diana appeared on the BBC show "Panorama" tonight to say that her marital woes drove her to bulimia. Though her hour-long interview with reporter Martin Bashir offered no bombshells about the monarchy, Diana did continue the relatively new tradition of royal confessional. "I desperately wanted [the marriage] to work," she said of her 14-year marriage to Prince Charles. "I desperately loved my husband and I wanted to share everything with him, and I thought we were a very good team." Diana also said that the news of her husband's affair with Camilla Parker Bowles in 1986 had devastated her and sent her into a cycle of binging and vomiting. "She spoke a lot about her bulimia," says TIME's Barry Hillenbrand. "And you got the impression that she suffered a great deal." Diana did admit to having her own affair, after the marriage became rocky, with Major James Hewitt, but said she felt betrayed by him when he went public. There was no mention in the interview of her relationship with English rugby star Will Carling. "You felt that to some extent she was trying to even the score with Charles," says Hillenbrand, "but she was harder on the royal establishment than on Charles himself." The interview is scheduled to be aired on ABC in the United States this Friday.