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Alan Keyes was the big surprise in Florida's Republican straw poll on Saturday, taking 266 votes, or 8 percent of the vote, nearly as much support as fellow anti-abortion candidate Pat Buchanan drew. GOP frontrunner Bob Dole won the heat with 1,104 votes, or 33 percent of the vote to Phil Gramm's 26 percent second place showing (869 votes). Lamar Alexander, who garnered a respectable 749 votes, or 22 percent, was quick to claim he's gaining on Dole. Keyes, an African American radio personality and former Reagan Administration official, impressed many delegates with his fiery calls for cultural renewal. Barely crossing the finish line were publishing magnate Steve Forbes(18 votes), California Congressman Bob Dornan (13), and in last place, Senator Richard Lugar (5). Senator Arlen Specter was disqualified because he did not attend the straw poll. TIME's John Dickerson reports that now that Colin Powell has declined to run, some big Republican contributors with money to spend will place their bets according to the Florida results. Since Dole did not land a knock-out punch, he heads for Iowa and New Hampshire still dogged by Gramm.