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The roadblocks to peace that began surfacing over the weekend have stalled the Balkan negotiations, reports TIME's James Graff from Dayton. "They haven't decided to throw in the towel," says Graff, "but it doesn't look good. Warren Christopher hasn't decided to leave yet. He'd still like to get an agreement, but at this point doesn't know what he has to do to get one." Graff says that the Serbs apparently are making demands on issues that the other parties thought had been settled. This follows a marathon day of negotiations Sunday in which the Americans thought they had pulled out all the stops. "Warren Christopher spent twenty-two hours in meetings. He went to bed at six this morning and got up again at 7:10. And he's seventy years old." The Americans have stopped talking about a deadline, which they had said was Monday. "They haven't retracted it, but it's clear that the magic moment has passed," says Graff.