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The good news for embattled boxing promoter Don King is that prosecutors will not appeal a mistrial ruling in his insurance fraud case. The bad news? Federal prosecutors immediately pushed for a retrial. A mistrial was declared Thursday when jurors remained deadlocked over whether King falsified a contract to collect $350,000 from Lloyd's of London if a 1991 fight was canceled. The defense maintains that King, who has survived three grand jury probes and was aquitted of tax evasion in 1985, was the innocent victim of his accountant, the implausibly named Joseph Maffia. King's defense contends that Maffia, the star witness for the prosecution, falsified the documents and then accused King of complicity to save himself. Despite one juror who called King a "bold-faced liar" and said his testimony was "well rehearsed," other jury members said the government had not provided enough evidence to prove its case.