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Joe Waldholtz, the husband of Utah Republican Congresswoman Enid Greene Waldholtz, turned himself in on Friday and appeared in federal court to answer FBI allegations that he was involved in a $1.7 million check-kiting scheme. His wife, who insists that she had no idea of the financial shenanigans, has filed for divorce and taken back her maiden name. In a tearful statement on Friday, she said, "I have every confidence that the Department of Justice will get to the bottom of the fraud and deception he has perpetrated on me, my family, his family, friends and others." But TIME's Tamala Edwards reports that Congresswoman Greene is looking less duped and more duplicitous: "Complaints and allegations have surfaced from former Waldholtz staffers, claiming that the financial misdealings were made clear to Enid. People came forward claiming experience with the couple's check-bouncing ways. Increasingly under fire, Enid's excuse was 'Say it ain't so, Joe,' to which more and more people, including some Waldholtz friends, have said 'Say what?'"