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On the back of a restaurant menu last May, Franjo Tudjman sketched his vision of Bosnia 10 years in the future, as a territory divided equally between Serbia and Croatia, with nothing left to the Muslims. Friday, in a move that by turns mystified and frightened Bosnians negotiating in Dayton, Tudjman announced that the two powers would normalize relations after the prospective peace pact. "That has been a long time goal, but the conditions Tudjman listed for that accord signalled a comity between the two that is sure to make the Bosnian Muslims a little nervous," TIME's James Graff reports from the Dayton talks. "It has to create some unease to watch their nominal ally, Tudjman, in effect advocating a lifting of sanctions while the Bosnians press for their continuance. Says one member of the Bosnian delegation: 'We're still very concerned with human rights issues, and the sanctions on Serbia are an important lever.'"