The iM Remote Tuner Serves Up Internet Radio on Your Stereo

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The SonicBox Remote is a hardware extension to SonicBox's iM Tuner, a free program that allows you to access a set of 800 preprogrammed streaming audio radio stations. Neatly organized into an impressive variety of categories - alternative, jazz, foreign news, police scanners - the iM Tuner gives you quick access to what, in their opinion, are the best stations you can get on the Internet. You can also add new stations not included on the SonicBox list.

The SonicBox Remote is made up of three pieces: a base unit that plugs into your PC's USB port and sound card, a receiver that plugs into your stereo and a plastic thing that looks like a radio which controls the iM Tuner software. Once it's all hooked up, the radio stations will come out of your stereo speakers and you can change channels wirelessly with the remote.