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The troubles continue to mount for Congresswoman Enid Waldholtz. Tuesday, the Utah Republican filed from divorce from her husband Joe, who has been missing since Saturday amid a federal investigation for possible campaign finance violations. Wednesday, Enid Waldholtz was under media fire for failing to explain how she came up with $1.8 million in personal cash that many believe was the decisive factor in her 1994 victory over Democrat Karen Shepherd. Waldholtz maintains that the money came from family sources, but opponents question whether the money came from the estate of her husband's mentally incapacitated grandmother. Joe Waldholtz is suspected of stealing $600,000 from his grandmother and is under court order obtained to return it. Congresswoman Waldholtz would not discuss her finances, but did accuse her husband of misleading her in a statement released Tuesday: "I can't begin to describe the anger and hurt over the incredible level of deception that we have uncovered in our own investigation of Joe's activities."