Eye-Trek Video Goggles: The Big TV on My Nose

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I love big televisions. My wife says our 27-incher is just a way to let visitors know that we have no life. But if I had the money and the room I would put in a wall-size TV. So I was curious to check out the Olympus Eye-Trek, a pair of goggles that are supposed to make you feel like you're sitting in front of a 52-inch screen.

The first thing you learn when powering on the Eye-Trek is who should not use them. A warning message shoos away people with seizure disorders, high blood pressure, heart conditions, visual field disorders and everyone under the age of 16, whose visual systems are still forming. If you fall down foaming at the mouth with a pair of Eye-Treks on you're not suing Olympus, that's for sure. MORE>>