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The violent retaliation Israel has been expecting since the leader of Islamic Jihad was assassinated last week came early Thursday morning when suicide bombers targeted a bus carrying a group of Israeli babysitters. None of the Israelis was killed, but 11 were injured and the two terrorists died when their bomb-laden cars exploded. Islamic Jihad had said it would seek revenge for the slaying of its leader, Dr. Fathi Shakaki. TIME's Johanna McGeary reports from Jerusalem: "The reason that no Israelis were killed is that the Israeli soldiers who were accompanying the bus noticed the first bomber's car and were able to prevent it from getting too close to the bus. These attempts shouldn't disrupt the peace process because there weren't a lot of dead Israelis, and you can be sure that both Rabin and Arafat are breathing a big sigh of relief because of that. But it does show that Jihad is still very capable of carrying out terrorism and that the threat is still very real."