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At least one governor is paying attention to the revolution in Washington. Michigan Governor John Engler says his state is ready to take control of welfare, and is readying legislation to go into effect as soon as Washington grants states authority over the program. At a press conference, the two-term Republican announced a series of measures to put welfare recipients to work, including a key provision that requires recipients to begin looking for a job within sixty days of the start of benefits. Case workers would be required to help with logistics such as child care arrangements, but if recipients failed to cooperate, benefits would be stopped. Declared Engler: "We think that the best welfare reform is a job and that private sector jobs are available to many." The program isn't meant to be punitive, the governor stated, but he added welfare mothers can no longer simply stay at home to be with their children. Exceptions would be made only for teenage mothers, mothers whose children are under 6 weeks old, and the disabled.